White Semihandmade Kitchen Renovation: Before + After - 1111 Light Lane


White Semihandmade Kitchen Renovation: Before + After


  1. Posted by hendrixr72, — Reply

    I like this a lot. It is similar shape to my kitchen. And on the opposite wall (not shown) we can add cabinets to make up for storage taken away in this section

  2. Posted by olsonheather222, — Reply

    Omg I hate when people comment " where is this or that?". Read the entire post before commenting people!!😣 The oven and microwave are all there and it looks amazing. All items in the post are linked for convenience if u click on the post...this is how Pinterest works guys🤦‍♀️

  3. Posted by schillahern, — Reply

    I really like how you arranged the before and after shots in a series (thanks for avoiding splashy graphics) with concise explanations. After reading the whole post I see you answered all questions.

  4. Posted by moonlight_opus2, — Reply

    Absolutely amazing kitchen remodel. Love how they moved the cabinets and oven where the fridge is and opened up the space around the sink and stove top. Colors are nice, except I would've added a neutral color to offset all the white.

  5. Posted by eileenbosak91, — Reply

    The light over the shelve looks rather silly to me I feel that a nice picture would have looked better and the light isnt useful in my opinion sorry

  6. Posted by Sprice9135, — Reply

    This explanation and pictures and before-and-after reasonings are exactly what I have looking for in my search in the past year as we prepare for updating our 25 year old condo home!! Thank you!!

  7. Posted by rarobl, — Reply

    The deeper I went into your article, the further my jaw dropped. This was such a major overhaul! It’s such an amazing difference!

  8. Posted by jthibedeau1, — Reply

    So they ripped out an old kitchen and put a new one in completely.. the dishwasher and sink aren’t even in the same place

  9. Posted by abbiefluharty97, — Reply

    Ah yes, get rid of the microwave and all the storage .. make the tiny kitchen even smaller

  10. Posted by holisticallyminded, — Reply

    I like it but ... you really took out all those cabinets?? #dontlikethat

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